• Program Learning Outcomes
  • Program Learning Outcomes Level of Contribution
    1 Knows the basic concepts in the field of computer programmıng and takes place in the computer industry as a qualified intermediate staff. 3
    2 Are involved in the planning and designing of software. 5
    3 In the software sector, performs non-managerial tasks within the group. 5
    4 Takes responsibility in software installation, testing and acceptance 4
    5 Beware of data security and storage measures. 4
    6 Uses and establishes basic software like word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, database, a graphical design programs. 5
    7 Detects and solves the problems encountered in computer software and hardware failures. 2
    8 Uses and manages the personal and network systems. 1
    9 Able to do effective search and exploration in the internet and prepares web sites. 4
    10 Takes responsibility in exploration costs. -
    11 Takes place in the works related to hardware supply and installation. -
    12 Beware of health and safety regulations.. -
    13 Knows the basic concepts in the field of human relations and entrepreneurship, service concepts. -
    14 Gain the ability to think analytically. Applies the standards and regulations to techniques given in detail. 4
    15 Gains the habit of being open to criticism. Contributes to the country`s economy by using their knowledge and skills related to the field. 4
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