• Program Learning Outcomes
  • Program Learning Outcomes Level of Contribution
    1 Explains the theoretical and practical concepts and principles related to physiotherapy and rehabilitation. 2
    2 Explains the theoretical knowledge related to fundamental medicine and clinical sciences and associates them with physiotherapy and rehabilitation. -
    3 Implements the evaluation and analysis methods of physiotherapy by associating them with theoretical knowledge. -
    4 Makes clinical physiotherapy diagnosis according to fundamental medicine knowledge and implemented physiotherapy evaluation and analysis methods. -
    5 Carries out the profession within the framework of universal ethical principles. 5
    6 Plans individual specific physiotherapy and rehabilitation programs, rearranges, modifies or terminates when necessary. -
    7 Applies individual and disease specific physiotherapy and rehabilitation procedures. -
    8 Records evaluation data, reports them and archives these data. -
    9 Uses foreign language effectively to follow professional developments. -
    10 Takes part in scientific studies; plans, conducts and presents a research. 3
    11 Performs occupational health and safety issues related to the profession. -
    12 Organizes the physiotherapy and rehabilitation services effectively. -
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