• Program Learning Outcomes
  • Program Learning Outcomes Level of Contribution
    1 Having current theoretical and practical knowledge specific to the field of psychology -
    2 Scientific specific to the field of psychology and access to current information, the accuracy of the information, the knowledge to assess the validity and reliability -
    3 Having the basic knowledge of the rules of functioning of inter-communal relations and human. -
    4 The ability to apply the information and analysis technologies / techniques in the psychological activity areas (education , practice, research and methods ). -
    5 Act in accordance with the legislation, professional values, and ethics in the field of application of psychology -
    6 Respect the human rights and dignity in the field of application of psychology. -
    7 Identifies problems with psychology is solved using scientific knowledge and evidence and scientific problem-solving approach , interprets the results . -
    8 Works in collaboration with other disciplines and with subfields of psychology. -
    9 To have the knowledge of the scientific writing format of the psychology and to have knowledge of this application -
    10 Takes responsibility in the scientific research activities which contribute to the development of the field of psychology, and in the activies for the benefit of society. -
    11 Adopt a lifelong learning approach to personal and professional development -
    12 Uses critical thinking skills in personal and professional event space. -
    13 Effective use of interpersonal and intercultural communication skills in professional event space. -
    14 Using visual and written records reaches the original source of information in the field of psychology. -
    15 Conducts research using the knowledge gained in the field of Psychology. -
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