• Program Learning Outcomes
  • Program Learning Outcomes Level of Contribution
    1 To be able to apply mathematics, science and engineering theories and principles to Computer Engineering problems. 5
    2 To have the ability to define, model, and solve problems related to Computer Engineering. 4
    3 To be able to design and conduct experiments, as well as to analyze and interpret data. 4
    4 To be able to design and analyze a process for a specific purpose within technical and economical limitations. 3
    5 To be able to use modern techniques and calculation tools required for engineering applications. 4
    6 To have the awareness of professional liabilities and ethics. 3
    7 To be able to get involved in interdisciplined and multidisciplined team work. 3
    8 To be able to declare his/her opinions orally or written in a clear, concise and brief manner. -
    9 To improve him/herself by following the developments in science, technology, modern issues, and know the importance of lifelong learning. 4
    10 To be able to evaluate engineering solutions for the global and social problems especially for the health, safety, and environmental problems. -
    11 To have knowledge about of contemporary issues. 3
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