• Program Learning Outcomes
  • Program Learning Outcomes Level of Contribution
    1 Can integrate the knowledge of their undergraduate study and business skills, and use them together 5
    2 Can use their management skills in various areas 5
    3 Can manage peer, superior and subordinate relationships 5
    4 Are equipped with up-to-date conceptual and applied knowledge of their field of study 4
    5 Can identify and understand problems of business administration 5
    6 Can devise solutions to organizational or business problems using conceptual, applied, and methodological skills acquired during Programme experience 5
    7 Can communicate effectively with expert and non-expert audiences regarding business problems and solutions to them 4
    8 Can independently learn more and expand already acquired skills by applying them to new circumstances 5
    9 Can lead others as they deal with business problems and help them acquire new skills and knowledge 4
    10 Are computer literate, can effectively use word processing, spreadsheet, and data management software 5
    11 Are ethically aware, know how business decisions affect those not directly involved in making of these decisions. 2
    12 Are knowledgeable about laws, rules, and moral codes that apply to their field of work. 2
    13 Are open-minded, willing to fight discrimination of all kinds in workplaces and business environment -
    14 Are knowledgeable about fundamental environmental and social issues -
    15 Know how management topics are related to globalization -
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